Brazing Machines

Jans Inc. offers an array of brazing machines suitable for different purposes. Or we can custom build a brazing machine especially for your applications.

Jans Inc. is an expert in brazing.

Our brazing machines are becoming an international standard.  Brazing uses a filler metal to join two solid piece of metal, so it’s similar to soldering or welding, only better. Since brazing does not heat the joint pieces themselves (as happens with welding), there is less distortion, resulting in a cleaner joint. Jans Inc. uses resistance brazing, where the device makes contact with both pieces of metal being joined and pulls them together before silver soldering them. Resistance brazing is an alternative to induction brazing, providing a similar result at a significantly lower cost.


Jans Inc.  Brazing Machines

Jans Inc. lets you choose from four varieties of brazing machines that each address different uses and capabilities. At the bottom of every Jans Inc. brazing machine is a tank that houses coolant to be pumped through the leads and tongs, preventing overheating. Some models have air-cooled transformers, while others use coolant, depending on the size of the machine. All of our machines are portable and can be used for applications such as repairing transformers, wind generators, and subway car motors.

Get the right brazing machine for your needs.

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Tongs and Quick Connectors

Each brazing machine comes with copper tongs – they clamp onto the pieces of copper that are going to be solder in order to pull them together. The standard are straight tongs but there are several other options available including 45 degree, 90 degree, parallel opening, and pistol grip tongs. Tongs can also be custom made when needed.

Quick Connectors for changing tongs. These Allow the tongs to be changed in seconds without dissasembling the tongs.

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